Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Special Purpose

Both Jill and I have always had a soft spot for Steve Martin's film, "The Jerk."  And w/ that affection comes our ability to inject quotes from the movie into our everyday lives.  (Just last week I overheard Rory singing, "I am picking out a thermos for yooooouuuuu...")

So when the opportunity arose for us to see it back in the theatre, Jill and I jumped at the opportunity.
I remember it was a midnight movie, so we had to keep ourselves going and entertained until then.  While I was still a night owl at that time (shortly after college), Jill was never a night owl.  Regardless of what type of owls we were, we filled two seats in the theatre that night, laughing (and yawning) throughout.

I make note of this b/c I realized something while driving tonight.  (That's typically when my realizations - the car or the shower.)  W/o Rory present, I feel I've lost my special purpose.

Yes, admittedly and clearly, my special purpose is not (anywhere near) the special purpose Navin Johnson (Steve Martin's character) stumbles upon in the film.

In fact, very clearly, my special purpose is Rory.

Rory is my lifeblood, my focal point, my centerpiece.  And while I know she's in a great place right now (both physically and hopefully mentally), being detached from my special purpose - selfishly - doesn't feel natural.  And nor should it.

For a good stretch, my special purpose enveloped two beauties.  And, in a way, it still does.

But, w/ both physically absent, it's difficult to function like a complete human.  Outwardly, I think I'm passing for one.  On the inside, I know better.

Regardless, near or far, I'll always have my special purpose.

All love,

J, J, & r

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