Thursday, January 22, 2015

I believe I was in eighth grade when I was originally compelled to dye my hair.  A classmate mentioned that Sun-In was a simple, inexpensive, and effective way of lightening your hair color, w/ just a few pumps of the spray.  Well, hell yes.  I'm in.

What my peer neglected to mention was that Sun-In was best suited for hair already on the lighter side of the spectrum - your sandy browns, strawberry blondes, etc.

My hair, though dark dark brown (at the time), was often mistaken for black.

Well, I sprayed that shit in my hair and effectively oranged the top half of my head.

I'm already going thru my fugly stage and I pour salt on the wound by making my head look like a freaking tangerine.  Well played, Lustberg.

While my dye job was one and done, Jill made a freaking life of it.  No kidding.

If you knew her, depending upon when you knew her, it's more than likely you experienced at least three different hair colors and hair styles.

Admittedly and obviously I only witnessed a fraction of them firsthand.

When we first met, as my college advisor, graduation mentor, turn love interest, Jilly had a short cut that lay a few inches above her shoulders - a bright, autumnal orange/red color.  Beautiful.

While living in Houston, Jilly's hair grew longer and darker.  Despite the heat, her hair was the longest it had really ever been - several inches past her shoulders; a deep, dark reddish/brownish hue.

Shortly after we moved back to STL, our first diagnosis hit...and w/ it came the first hair loss.  I wouldn't call that so much a new style as it was a traumatic event.

When it grew back (curly at first), Jilly went back to the reddish color.

But, like most of her cuts and colors, she grew tired of it.  She wanted something new.  Something fresh to shake things up a bit.

Enter platinum blonde.

I remember Jilly bringing up the idea w/ me for the first time.  Not surprisingly, she had done her research - comparing cuts w/ colors w/ skin tones.  She was convinced it would work.  I was not.

So she did it.  

And she was right.  If you ask me (you didn't, I don't care, my blog now), that cut and style was far and away the best look for Jilly.

And she knew it.  She wore it well.  That style exemplified Jilly - bold, funky, confident.

No kidding, each and every time we went out - Siteman, restaurant, grocery store, Jilly would get hit w/ multiple compliments.  It occurred so often that I thought she was planting people.

"Come on, are you kidding me?" I'd ask her...again.

"I told you...people like it," Jill'd smile at me.  "What can I say?"

She wasn't fishin'...but we like what she caught.

What's my point w/ all of this?  I don't know.  All of these posts are streams of consciousness.

I guess this one is just a simple remembrance.  When you read it, maybe you picture Jilly in a certain way, w/ a specific style.  If you do, got a pic?  Share it.  It'd be great to see all the iterations in one place.

Redhead, platinum, fucking cue ball - I'm all in.  I'll take 'em all...all over again.

All love,

J, J, & r

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