Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Got a Jilly Story?

When we were younger, I remember my sister and I consistently making the mistake of walking into the Blockbuster video rental store w/o a specific title in mind.  Sure, we had had many options in mind before entering the store.  But, for whatever reason, as soon as we pushed open the rental store's door, we blanked.

As a result, we'd roam the aisles w/ equal parts purpose and aimlessness trying to find the right VHS tape to perfectly fit our mood at that moment...(which tended to change as we scanned new titles in different sections of the store).

More often than not, we'd get sucked inside the walls of the video store for 20, 30, 45 minutes, just looking for a fucking VHS tape to entertain us for no more than two hours.

This is what it's like in my head right now.  All day every day I'm flooded w/ bits and pieces of experiences, anecdotes, and memories of Jilly.  But, when I make a conscious decision to share a story w/ Ro, I blank.  I'm unable to constructively deliver a complete story.  And that's not good.

Ro needs her mommy engrained in her head and her heart.  Every day.  Always.  It's my job to make it so.  And yes, I pepper the day w/ little memories here and there.  But, Ro needs the rich, in depth stories of Mommy as well.  She needs it all.

This is where you come in.

You - you beautiful people - you continue to check in and ask how you can help, what you can do to make things better, or a bit easier for both Rory and me.

Here's one.  Share a Jilly story.  Maybe you've already done so w/ your parents, spouse, kids, or friends.  And that's fantastic.  Keep going.  But, w/ all sincerity, I'm requesting you point your Jilly stories to Rory.  She needs to hear them, read them, and remember them for her lifetime.

Don't get me wrong.  I know it's on me to paint a clear and detailed picture of Mommy for Ro.  I'm just asking you to pick up a brush and join me at the canvas.

It's likely you have my phone &/or e-mail address.  (If you don't, find someone that does.)  Send your stories, your remembrances to me and I'll see that Ro gets them.

Ro's birthday is coming up in early February.  I can't think of a better gift for her than to be flooded w/ stories of her mom.

So, for now, I'm caught up on laundry.  I'm cooking like a champ.  I'm scheduling play dates like a boss.  What I really need from you is to help flood my kid's head and heart w/ Mommy memories.

I thank you with all my heart in advance.

All love,

J, J, & r

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