Friday, December 12, 2014

Nothing Means Something

It was another scorcher in Houston.  Thankfully Moonpie's A/C was keeping us a cool 68 degrees in the cabin.  (The exact temperature I do not know.  Moonpie is not equipped w/ a thermostat.)  The point is, we didn't feel the three-digit temp outside.  (And yes, Moonpie still expels A/C like a boss.)  

Jill and I were driving thru the Galleria area, likely on our way to another eatery.  (Tex Mex - yes, a past life.)  We were in the midst of a conversation when I stopped at a red light.  As Jilly continued to speak, I listened('ish), but also recognized a couple - really a trio - on the corner of the intersection...waiting...broiling under the angry sun.  I quickly labeled them a 30-something husband and wife w/ kiddo in stroller.

At this stage, Jill and I had only been married for a year or so.  The shine had not yet worn off.  (Honestly, it never got the chance to.)  So, this particular family was several years ahead of us on the familial timeline.

So, I'm watching this family of three and I notice both the husband and wife standing somewhat next to one another, but gazing, zombie-like in different directions.  Neither is speaking.  You would think each of them was alone if not for the closeness they were to one another.

Immediately this thought struck me, "I never want to end up like that family - disengaged and aloof."  It was a memorable moment for me.  So much so that I'm tapping back into it nearly a decade later.

Obviously I'm projecting here.  Admittedly, I don't know who they are or what they're thinking (aside from, "Why is it so fucking hot all the time?  Did someone piss off the sun?"  We all thought that.)

Flash forward five, six, even ten years.  When I look back at the scene on that street corner, I see it thru a different lens.  Yes, experience yields new perspective.  And my life experience since that moment paints a different picture of that family of three.

Jilly and I were very good, very comfortable at doing nothing together.  The company of one another was more than enough - even if it was in silence.  Anything else was icing.

In my opinion, you can't underestimate the ability to do nothing with someone else.

So maybe that's what that couple in Houston had mastered (or was in the process of mastering) - doing nothing together.  If so, well played, sweaty couple.  Carry on.

Or, shit, maybe they were miserable b/c of the fucking heat.

Hot or cold, Jilly and I could do nothing together like champs.

All love,

J, J, & r

Closest to 'doing nothing' that I could find...

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