Friday, September 19, 2014

Lost: My Ass

LOST:  My Ass

Size 8.  Usually located on the back of my body.  Missing about two weeks now.  Please call if you've seen it recently.  Has sentimental value to me and my family.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Doc, New Plan

I'm writing this post while waiting for the "steroid phase" to wind down and the "zombie phase" to kick in.  Jason and I bet what time I would crash.  I've won!!  He bet 2:00p and I said I could make it until 3:00p, so here i am the winner, still typing.

First, I want to take a minute to acknowledge the passing of one of my colleagues from Wash U's Alumni & Development office.  Felicia passed away from cancer last night, leaving behind a family much like my own.  We are thinking about Felicia today and sending virtual hugs to her family and girls.

I had a full treatment two weeks ago, which kicked my BUTT like no other has in the last 6 years.  Granted, I am very lucky to be able to say that the worst side effect I've had is that I'm TIRED.  Typically after a treatment my crash lasts about 24-36 hours.  This round, I was exhausted many more days, and slept 10-16 hours/day depending on the day.  I can't complain much, but it would definitely be nice to see more daylight.  I got a new prescription that might help me with energy on those exhausted days.

Yesterday we saw my new doc (remember, my doc of six years moved to Houston recently).  My lab results looked good.  My blood counts (WBC, platelets, RBC, etc) looked very good.  My liver enzymes were stable from two weeks prior.  My new doc asked how I felt about possibly raising my chemo to see if we get a better response than stable.  As long as I can tolerate it, more is better to me, so we've modified our plan.

The new pattern we're going to try is instead of treatment every other week, we're going to two weeks on followed by one week off.  Before treatment this coming Monday, we'll check my labs again to see if my blood counts have recovered enough for another treatment so soon.  It may not work out, but it may,  so we will take that chance.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pics from recent family fun: