Saturday, June 14, 2014

Messy, Messy, Messy

My last post described feeling a bit down.  Today, I have an explanation for it.  For those who have ever wondered why I "go dark" sometimes, not being as responsive to emails, etc, I've figured out that it's when I feel like I'm a mess.  Since around the time of that last post, I've been a bit of a mess, but hopefully I'm coming out of it now.

Why the mess?

1) Anybody out there have hypothyroidism?  It's pretty common. Basically your thyroid doesn't make enough thyroid hormone and you have to take Synthroid (synthetic thyroid hormone) to make up for what your thyroid doesn't make.  However, I'm apparently an idiot and realized right around the time I wrote that last post that I had forgotten to take my Synthroid.  For THREE MONTHS.  One thing your thyroid controls is mood and energy level, so I was one tired, bitchy lady.  I'm back on it now and hopefully should be fully regulated this week.  WOO HOO!

2)  I finished six weeks on the trial med, Palbo, and it didn't work.  I have a few new very small tumors in my liver as of scans 10 days ago, and since those scans, my spine and ribs have started to ache like crazy.  (By the way, I love you, Ibuprofen.)  Yesterday I started a new chemo so hopefully will feel much better soon.

3)  We've been in a state of unknowing the last couple weeks about what the next step would be if Palbo didn't work.  We were looking into clinical trials all over the country.  I was even signed up for two different ones and then they didn't work out.  I like having a plan, and that state of planlessness was weighing on me.

This past week, though, I had a great distraction from the planlessness.  We took a vacation to Michigan, where we chilled out, rented a house, and sat on a (sometimes chilly) beach.  My brother and dad came up for a couple of days to join us, and it was great!  Plus, our lovely friends Rebecca and Bobby let us steal their kiddo for 6 days, so Rory had a friend with her, which was AWESOME for everyone.  For those with an only child, I highly recommend renting a friend.  Text me for Rebecca's number and maybe she'll cut you a deal on renting Vivian!

A few pics  from our lovely week:

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  1. The house looks great, and I love the big smiles everyone is wearing. Fingers crossed that the Synthroid works its magic!

    Love, Ginnie