Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Debbie Downer

[Before-I-Even-Start Disclaimer:  This blog post has nothing to do with my lovely MIL, Debbie.  If you've ever met her (or heard my impression of her), you know there is nothing Downer about her. Love you, Mimi!]

A bit of a downer few days lately.

I belong to a Facebook group of metastatic breast cancer women from around the world.  We've lost 6 women in the last few days, and it's been very sad to read their posts as they realize their treatments aren't working and they are out of time.

Today I completed my first month on my new drug, Palbociclib.  Luckily, my blood levels (white blood cells, platelets, etc.) look pretty good.  My liver enzymes have increased a bit and it's hard to tell right now if it's a fluke or a pattern.  In two weeks, I'll have tests again and have a scan, which will give us the most concrete info about how this trial drug is going.  Overall, neutral information, but I was hoping for a more positive report.

Then my doc dropped the bombshell.  He's moving. To Texas.  It's hard for me to describe the relationship developed with a doctor since going through this for six years together.  I trust him and he truly cares about me.  And he's leaving.  It's a bit heartbreaking and nerve-wracking, thinking about who might take over my care in September when he leaves.  I admit it - I cried when he told us.

The big picture is that everything is fine. Emotionally, a few things are just weighing on my mind this week and I thought I'd share them.   Thanks for listening!

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  1. Don't you dare get down Jill Marie. Dr. Ellis is going to leave your care to someone else who cares about you as much as he does.