Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy to Be Wrong

I have never been so happy to be wrong!!  My hunch about the chemo not working was wrong.  My scans and blood work today both showed that the chemo is still working.  My liver numbers were lower and my scans showed that everything was stable except my bones, which are healing!

Still, we decided it's not a bad time to switch over to the new drug, Palbociclib.  Switching drugs takes some planning so today I took my last chemo treatment of this drug and in two weeks I will start the new drug.  YAY!  This means that hopefully by summer I will have all my hair back (and you know how I feel about my hair)!!  Because we are stopping the current chemo (Eribulin) while it is still working, we still have this drug available in the future should we need it, which is HUGE since we know it works for me.

And, in case you like science, here is a link to the newest research info about Palbociclib, which is not yet FDA approved.  

Huge public thank you to Tara for staying with my sick kiddo today so Jason could be at the doctor with me for this important conversation!!  Not only did it help us out, but it was so thoughtful of you to think of it and call to offer!

XOXO to all!

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  1. You're not wrong often, dearheart. I'm glad this was your time! :) xoxo, Aimee