Thursday, January 16, 2014

Extended Stay

Apparently I am baffling this hospital in more ways than one, so they are keeping me another night. 

I'm feeling better definitely, but they haven't yet figured out the source of my infection (cough, Jason, cough). Until they have some proof one way or another, they are hanging onto me. 

I am also confusing them because they are not used to vegans!  I requested vegan breakfast and received eggs and sausage.  Then they got me some peanut butter and toast luckily. The best they could offer at lunch was grilled cheese, so Jason went out and got lunch. Same plan for dinner.  Amazing to me the lack of healthy food choices at a HOSPITAL!!  In fact, they have a vending machine in the ER waiting room marked "Healthy snacks" and it's filled with Snickers, Doritos, and Dr. Pepper. 

Thanks to everyone who has offered to help and who is helping us out. We love and appreciate you all!

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