Friday, January 17, 2014

Homeward Bound

Heading home in the hour or so! They still don't know what caused it, but probably something viral. Happy to be heading home!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Extended Stay

Apparently I am baffling this hospital in more ways than one, so they are keeping me another night. 

I'm feeling better definitely, but they haven't yet figured out the source of my infection (cough, Jason, cough). Until they have some proof one way or another, they are hanging onto me. 

I am also confusing them because they are not used to vegans!  I requested vegan breakfast and received eggs and sausage.  Then they got me some peanut butter and toast luckily. The best they could offer at lunch was grilled cheese, so Jason went out and got lunch. Same plan for dinner.  Amazing to me the lack of healthy food choices at a HOSPITAL!!  In fact, they have a vending machine in the ER waiting room marked "Healthy snacks" and it's filled with Snickers, Doritos, and Dr. Pepper. 

Thanks to everyone who has offered to help and who is helping us out. We love and appreciate you all!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No fevers in Chemoland

Jason is making calls coordinating Rory and Maybe, as I am spending the night in the hospital tonight. I had chemo Monday, felt fine yesterday, then woke up at noon today feeling exhausted. Not unusual, I as this is the regular pattern for my low energy day, but by 5pm I was running a fever. Fevers are not welcome in Chemoland.  So, off to the ER we went. I definitely have some sort of infection so they are keeping me at least (and hopefully only) one night. I'm getting all sorts of antibiotics and fluids and we will know more tomorrow.  I will post an update tomorrow.  Xoxo everybody! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Shortening My Morning Routine

The holidays and the Polar Vortex are both over with, so I am now finding time to write again.  My Cancer Christmas present was that my hair decided on Christmas Day that it was finally ready to start jumping ship.  We left the following day to visit my family in Iowa.  I feel like I owe my brother money for a plumber to be sure I didn't clog their shower with all the hair I lost down their drain!!  It was just pouring out of my head when I was there!  I even let Jason shave part of it while we were there just so we had less mess to deal with.

I had another chemo treatment the day after Christmas, and we jumped in the car immediately afterward to head to Iowa.  This schedule made for a low-key holiday visit since I hit my low period while we were there.  Let's be honest .. a visit home usually just includes hanging out anyway.

My hair is now very thin and we've shaved parts of it.  I'm wearing a hat most of the time because my little head gets cold, even indoors!

We saw the doc last week and all my numbers show that the chemo is likely working.  Things seem to be stabilizing and we will do a CT scan on Jan 21st to take a look.  If the scan shows that it IS working, then we are going to do a few more treatments of this drug before starting the one I've mentioned before that doesn't yet have FDA approval.  The goal is to shrink it all as much as possible before we start "freezing" it.

Chemo #3 is going on right now, as I type (yes, I just took this picture sitting here).  Jason is always with me at treatments, but today he is home recuperating from what was either a very nasty virus or the flu.  It hit him while we celebrated our 10th anniversary in Chicago this weekend.  That is a story for another time.  :)  Usually my treatments are on Wednesdays, but we shifted this one so I wasn't exhausted during our anniversary trip.

Speaking of trips, we are starting to think about trips for spring break and summer, so if you have ideas, please share!  We are considering:  renting an RV and driving to Yosemite; renting a house on Orcas Island, Washington; Alaska to see the aurora borealis; a trip to Chicago with Rory; dude-ranching in Arizona; and many more!  Share your ideas!!