Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's better. It's worse. It's... complicated. Moo.

Thanks to everyone for the hugs, notes, texts, and calls after my last post.  Living in the gray area was not fun.  However, we are OUT of the gray area, which is good!

We saw my doc yesterday after having a CT scan.  Basically we were going to find out if the cancer flare up was just in my hip, or if it was flaring up overall and getting worse.  Apparently it's not an easy Better or Worse answer.

The Better:  My hip is looking good. Still on crutches to aid healing, but hopefully I will be off of them in about 10 days.  No more pain at all with it.  My liver is looking better than ever!  My bones all look stable.

The Worse:  I have some newly-enlarged lymph nodes in my abdominal area.  Not huge, but with my tumor markers creeping up, this is not to be ignored.

The Complicated:  The cancer in the lymph nodes seem to be a mutation of the original cancer, so they
will need to be treated differently.  The doc used a farming analogy (which, as a newly-addicted player of Hay Day, I appreciated).  A brown-spotted cow jumped the fence and now is creating cows with long horns.  Both sets of cows want different food and can move in different directions, so we no longer have a herd all moving in one direction.

I was concerned that we were going to hear that the chemo wasn't working, but that's not the case at all.  He's thrilled with how well it is working on my liver.  We are just adding a hormone blocker to my meds in hopes that it will handle the lymph nodes, and we don't expect any side effects from the hormone blocker. We had a long talk about drugs that are in clinical trial phases right now that aren't available to me yet, but look promising should we need something new down the road.  In fact, he was VERY impressed that I brought drug ideas with me and that they were GOOD choices for me.  (Thanks for the tip, Grandma Annette!!!)  I always like to be able to impress that man - he's damn smart.

So, we are good here. I feel really good. I'm ready to quit using these dumb crutches. I'm ready to dance.  I just have more than one partner now.  :)

Oh and by the way, if any of you play Hay Day, my farm name is Jillschmill's Farm.  Find me!

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