Monday, June 17, 2013

Whippersnappers and an Update

All along this weird metastatic cancer journey (all 16 months of it), I've said that my job is to stay here on the planet long enough for some young whippersnapper to find a longer-term solution to cancer than what is currently out there.  THIS is exactly the type of thing I'm thinking about!  There is progress being made every day.  It's amazing.

Osteoporosis drug stops growth of breast cancer cells, even in resistant tumors, study suggests

I'll be seeing my doc on Wednesday so will definitely be talking with him about this.  Also, since we are now 3-4 months into me taking my current chemo drug (Xeloda), it's time for a CT scan.  I'm having my scan tomorrow (Tues) and will get the results Wednesday.  Looking at my labs over the past month, we have no reason to think we won't have happy results, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. I'll write an update tomorrow night with results.

I'm feeling good.  Hormones swings happen some days that put me in a little bit of an edgy/grumpy/tired mood, but I'm not sure that didn't happen before cancer, too!  Ha!  Since retirement my stress levels are definitely lower and that can't be anything but positive.

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