Thursday, May 9, 2013

Not Happy Feet

Steve Martin has happy feet. (25 seconds)

This cute penguin has happy feet. (1:15)

 I do not have happy feet.

One of the possible side effects of the chemo I'm taking is something called Hand-Food Syndrome (not the same as hand and mouth disease). It causes the capillaries in the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet to kick into overdrive.  They get hot, red, possibly swollen and can cause your skin to peel.  Not comfortable.  Well, after two months on my chemo, it has kicked in on my feet.

I took the dog for a walk yesterday morning and when I got back my feet hurt.  Sensitive, like walking on a sunburn.  I ended up spending most of the day sitting with my feet up, putting frozen vegetables on them to cool them down.  I found that one of Rory's aprons was very useful for tying the veggies in place!

This did mean, however, that I got to go buy new shoes.  I needed shoes with really soft, comfy insides.  Like my new kickers?  Dr. Scholl's, baby!

Limiting my time on my feet is not fun, but I'm adding in strategies to keep them cool and comfortable and hopefully we'll get this to go away.  I have a lot of yard and garden plans, but I'm pacing myself.  Work in the yard, then watch some West Wing and put up my feet.  Yesterday I told Jason via IM that I wanted a muffin while I propped up my feet.  I told him that if this trouble with my feet continues, I'm buying an Easy Bake Oven so I can sit in the living room, watch West Wing on Netflix and churn out little chocolate cakes without leaving the couch.  His response, "I'm so proud of that image."  :)

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  1. Well, Schmilly, I love the image of you in your Dr. Scholls, with your Easy Bake Oven by your side, and you should know that your post got me to haul my keister out of bed yesterday to go do a workout that had running in it. In other words, you pretty much made any excuse I might have been making in my head invalid.

    I love your honesty and humor and inspiration. Thanks for making my world better.