Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Liver Is Not MIA

An update from the last post about my liver biopsy.  Sorry it has taken so long for me to post it.

On our scheduled day, Jason and I showed up at the hospital to have the biopsy.  They are incredibly specific about where they will stick the needle and they use ultrasound to guide them.  They first use the ultrasound to scout out their location, looking for the best place to get a sample without causing a lot of bleeding, etc. Well, we were very patient while they scouted and scouted.  Finally the radiologist came in and said that he was "having trouble finding a target".  He was quite a serious guy so I had to guess at what that meant.

Me:  "Um... isn't that good news for me?  Doesn't that mean you are having trouble finding a tumor?  That would seem to be good news for me and bad news for you, since your job is to find it. Am I right?"

He agreed it was.  So, as I eloquently texted some people, "The doc can't biopsy what he can't find.  Good news!"  And of course the question "Your liver is missing?" came back from a couple people.  :)

I was able to leave biopsy-less and let my husband take me out for breakfast!

I've seen my oncologist since then and he said that everything is looking good.  My liver enzymes are completely normal. My tumor markers are getting lower every time we check them.  I'm feeling great.   I'm still taking my chemo orally every two weeks (daily pills I take one week on, one week off).  I'm not due for another CT scan for a while yet, so for now, we are staying the course.

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