Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Loss

Last night I found out that I've lost what feels like my first cancer-colleague.  Yes, I just coined that term.  If you remember, we went on a great family trip in August thanks to Little Pink Houses of Hope.  Yesterday, one of the great women survivors who was on that trip with us passed away.  I believe Elisha was on 31.  She was the youngest member of our group, with the youngest kiddo.  Her son Sawyer is now 2.  Below is a picture of the two of them.  Elisha, her husband Steven, her mother Cindy, and Sawyer could all use your prayers.  In August, Elisha was done with treatment.  She was healthy and happy.  In December, the cancer metastasized to her brain.  It changed and took her life very quickly.

Elisha was beautiful.  She had a smile that took over her entire face, lit up her eyes, and luckily, it was easy to catch that beauty with a camera, so you get to see it, too.  God bless you, Elisha.


  1. I'm so sorry, Schmilly, for her family, and for your loss as well. What a beautiful pair those two in the picture are.

    Prayers and love.


  2. I'm so sorry, Jillie. She is gorgeous. And Sawyer seems to have every bit of his mom's light and spirit. Love you. Aimee