Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Someone Get Me A Slicker!

Short post, but wanted to let everyone know that the doctor called today and said that my intuition was correct and that the clinical trial is not working.  He wanted to let me wrap my head around that for our appointment tomorrow.  We'll discuss the next steps then.

It's a bit of an emotional ride here right now.  There's a good chance they will throw me back into chemo, which isn't a big deal at all to handle day-to-day.  However, chemo is a poison that not only kills cancer cells, but kills your bone marrow, and there are only so many hits your bone marrow can take from that stuff before it shuts down, which is NOT a good thing.  So, it's not a long-term solution.

Jason reminded me today that our job, as I've said many times before, is just to keep fighting until some smart whipper-snapper doc figures out a long-term solution, so that's what we will focus on for now. I've re-energized my juicing (thanks, Scott V.) and am lowering my sugar intake.  Doing whatever I can on my end.

Thanks for all the thoughts, wishes, hugs, love and happy energy!  It is all felt and appreciated.


  1. Many thoughts, hugs, prayers are all heading your way! Wish we were closer so we could do more.
    The Purdies

  2. I'm sending you big licks from way out here in Ole' Virginia, Schmilly. Words seem so empty, but the love that is flowing at you from all over is filled with meaning and memories.

    Much love,


  3. DRAG! We are sending warm, healing vibes your way... looking forward to brunch!

    On a side note, you have me motivated to kick start my blog again- especially now that I have some fodder about which to write... more later!