Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Lunch with my team on the South 40, with not one, but TWO vegan burger choices!

Retelling the story of falling on the ice when I was interviewing at Wash U and finding mocha in my hair still an hour later!

Bequeathing gifts  

Very special earrings

"I'm a hot mess!"

Handing over the candy machine

Tulips when I got home

Wrapping up last things right as it was time to leave

Lots of Facebook love

Giving the team an Eliot bell!

Ringing the F*** out of that bell as I left at 3:00!

Sharing rainbow Sharpies with someone who loves them as much as I do

Hearing that the therapy-chocolate was busted out in my office as soon as aI left

One last cup of coffee from the DUC

An awesome apron

Plans for a massage soon

Knowing I will see them all again soon, as they are too dear to my heart to be away from for too long!


  1. What a joy and laughter-filled day it sounds like it was, Schmilly. I'm so glad those people got the chance to know Schmillove. (New word, I just made it up.)

    I'd like to read a blog post about the mocha in the hair day. ;-)

    Much love and big licks.


  2. Hey Jill
    I know you don't hear from me often, but I've been thinking of you. Olin will miss you. They really need more folks with spunk like you around here. I'm sending you all the positive vibes that my protons, electrons and neutrons can handle. FB me your address as I wanted to mail you something!
    love, Suzanne S.