Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hit Me Where It Really Hurts

Rory is sick and it is one of the most difficult challenges with cancer.  See, cancer can make your immune system a little weak, and I'm in a phase where I have to be careful not to get sick.  Add this scene to that background:

Today is Rory's 7th birthday, she has a fever, and she wants Mommy to snuggle with her.  AND I CAN'T.

Luckily, she is old enough to understand "the doctor says I have to really try not to get sick".  Still, I WANT to snuggle with her and help her fall asleep.  I want to let her curl up with me so I can read her a book.

One day when she and Jason were both sick last week, I had to go stay at Debbie and Harvey's for 24 hours and leave them to fend for themselves at home, for my own protection.  For now, I'm sticking with my kid for her birthday.  I'm washing my hands a lot.  I'm keeping my distance. I'm only kissing the top of her hair.  I'm not getting on her bed.

Cancer sucks.

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  1. Oh, Schmilly. This made me cry for you all. This is another reason I'm so glad you are writing this blog, though. You and Rory will read this together someday and she will know and remember and FEEL the power of how much you loved her, even though you couldn't hold her in this moment.

    Stay well and get well, all of you!