Sunday, January 27, 2013

Favorite Recipes This Week

The weather has been colder recently (still not January weather, but colder).  Cold enough to make me crave comfort foods, including soup.  Here are a few of our favorite recipes of the past week or so, all vegan and healthy and YUMMY:

Cashew Mushroom Risotto
Believe it or not, this photo is actually of the food I made, taken by Jason on his iPhone.  To me, risotto is a pure creamy comfort food!  And this one is awesome!  Loads of mushrooms with cancer-fighting power, nutritional yeast (optional) for B12, and creaminess courtesy of ground cashews, believe it or not.  I can eat this stuff for a meal, it's so good!

Good Morning Delight Juice
For the days when I want a break from green juice, this is a great treat with carrots, strawberries (I defrost frozen ones in the microwave) and apple.

Before I dive into soups, a word about broth...

I miss chicken broth.  And every veggie broth I've tried is awful.  Therefore, I've been having some trouble with some soup recipes since going vegan.  Recently, though, the clouds have parted, the light has glowed and the angels have sung!  I share with you, BETTER THAN BOUILLON!  I love this little product.  It has made me love soups again!  Any recipe that calls for veggie broth has now had broth made with this.  And chicken broth?  Oh yeah, there's a vegan version of that, too!

Uncle Bill's Vegetarian Minestrone
I don't know whose uncle he is, but he makes damn good minestrone.  Throw in all the veggies you want, including tomatoes, which are a great source of lycopene (cancer-fighter).  Whole grain pasta plus beans to round out your proteins equals one big bowl of healthy!

Chickpea and Rice Soup with a Little Kale
This is the mother load of comfort soups!  My MIL, who does not like kale and does not like chickpeas, ate this two nights in a row and asked for the recipe!  Anyone who has had a conversation of more than 15 seconds with her this week has heard about this soup.  Full of chickpea protein, whatever rice you'd like, and superfood kale!  Love love!

Enjoy some healthy yums from my kitchen to yours!

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