Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clinical Trial Update

I'm three weeks in and going strong.  For the month of January I get to see my doc and his team every week, just to get this party started right!  So far, all blood tests look very good.

Just to clarify... the purpose of this clinical trial is to take the approximately 10% of the original cancer that is left and just KEEP IT WHERE IT IS.  No playing. No leaving the yard.  No inviting friends to join the party. You're grounded!

If it chooses to shrink, all the better, but a good outcome is to keep things stable.  No news is good news here, people.

Every month I have to get an EKG, because it's required for the trial.

Oh, and here's the newest additional to my medicinal arsenal:
Yeah, nothing makes you feel young and sexy like a weekly pill organizer!  Since I now have some meds I take once/day and some I take once/week and one I take 3 times/day, I couldn't trust that I'd get it right every single day, so this way I only have to get it right once/week when I lay it all out.  Plus, I got a handy app for my phone that has reminders and a med log (Med Helper, in case anyone is interested).  

So, we are very happy with things so far!  Thanks for all your well-wishes, hugs, prayers and support!

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