Saturday, September 29, 2012

Update from Doc

We saw the doc on September 19 to view the scan results together.  He said he was very pleased and that my response to chemo was on the very good end of the spectrum.  He estimated about a 90% regression rate.  That's an A in my book, so I'll take it!

Apparently there were two options for maintenance going forward.

1) Continue with chemo at a maintenance level, maybe once/month.  Good choice because I had responded so well and hadn't had awful side effects.

2) Begin hormonal therapy at a maintenance level.  This would include new drugs I hadn't been on before, but these provide a better survival rate than maintenance chemo.

We decided on hormonal therapy because he is a little concerned that chemo may have damaged my bone marrow a bit and he doesn't want to risk more possible damage.  Bone marrow is pretty important since it regenerates your blood cells!!

The hormonal therapy will include two parts, maybe three.  The first is an estrogen-blocking drug, stronger than the oral one I was on for the past three years.  This one is given as two injections in the hip, and they are NOT pleasant!  I got the first round that day and will get it every 2-4 weeks after that for quite some time. The other part will be an oral med we will discuss at my next appt.  The possible third part would be added if I get into a clinical trial he'd like me to be part of in the future.

I'll update more after my next appt!  Thanks for all your questions, hugs and notes!

Love, Jill

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