Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We are on a BREAK

Coming to you live from Pod 2 today, hopefully for the LAST time!  This morning the doc said my numbers look good for treatment today and seem to show that things keep getting better.

We've scheduled a CT scan for two weeks from now (to let today's chemo drugs do their magic before we scan), and we meet with our favorite Brit again in three weeks (yes, my doc is British, in case I've not mentioned that before).  If my CT scans show that the tumors are further reduced, we will switch to maintenance mode by starting some new oral medications whose job it will be to keep the tumors in check, not growing or spreading.  I can live quite happily and healthily like that, since the only way I feel bad right now is when I'm tired, and the tiredness is from chemo, not from cancer!

So, for now, we are ON A BREAK.  I won't see the doc again for three weeks, so until then we just get to relax and be well.  You should do the same.

And, for those of you whose brains have already gone there, here you go...

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