Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sugar Kills!

I've heard a few people talking about seeing this Dr. Sanjay Gupta piece on "60 Minutes" recently (tick tick tick tick tick tick), so thought I'd share it.

The phrase "Sugar Kills!" sounds extreme, but it's time people realize that it's TRUE.  As far as cancer is concerned, cancer is, in it's most basic form, an inflammation.  And SUGAR is fuel for inflammations.

Research shows that many, many people have cancer cells in their body, but not everyone gets cancer.  Sometimes that one little cancer cell just sits there and doesn't proliferate.  It doesn't gather up its energy and start making a gazillion more cancer cells to throw an evil party with in your body.  There are multiple reasons why that might happen.  But research is clear that one way to encourage that little bad boy to make more friends and start the evil is to give it plenty of sugar to eat.

Please take a minute to read this article.  There's also a link in it to a 90 minute video that I encourage you to watch.  Then pick up whatever food you are about to put in your mouth and read the label.

Oh, and one more thing... SUGAR is SUGAR, no matter if it's natural (fruit) or not.  So pick up a veggie instead of another piece of fruit.


(Does anybody else think they could have chosen a different name for this link???  Tee hee.)

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