Sunday, August 19, 2012

No More Pod Parties?

This Wednesday when I go for treatment, there may be big news.  This just might be my LAST chemo treatment!!  My doc has been out of the country the last two visits, but according to his staff, this Wednesday is the last treatment of my six months.  When I asked if it was the last treatment FOR SURE, they said I had to talk to the doc.  It's likely that when I'm there on Wednesday he will order a CT scan of my torso again to see how we are doing at six months before making a final call on what is next.  I'll be sure to post again on Wednesday to let everyone know what we know.

If the scan doesn't happen for a few days, and we don't get to talk to him for a while after that, it could be up to another couple of weeks before we know what is next.  And, to answer the next question, yes there will definitely be something next.  There is still probably some surgery coming up (no need to keep those ovaries in there) and there will definitely be another medication to try to keep everything calm and at bay.

In the meantime, I will continue my "Party on 7" mentality (the chemo pods are on 7th floor of Siteman) for Wednesday morning!

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