Monday, August 6, 2012

Little Pink Houses ... for the Lustbergs!

WE ARE GOING ON VACATION!  There is an awesome organization called Little Pink Houses of Hope whose mission is to provide time for breast cancer patients to unwind, step away from the hecticness of treatment, work, etc, and just relax and spend time with their family.  We applied for this opportunity and recently found out that we are accepted!

Bethany Beach, here we come!

What does that mean??  It means a free week in a beach house for the Lustberg trio in Bethany Beach, Delaware!!!  We just have to pay to get there.  They take care of food, activities, and lodging.  Isn't that amazing?? We are so excited.  There will be six families at Bethany Beach the week we are there.  The moms are all my age (38-40) and between us there are 10 kids, mostly 6-9 years old.  They fill the house with snacks and breakfast foods that we request, then plan activities throughout the week like jewelry making, surf lessons, etc, all paid for!  We can participate in nothing or everything.  It's our trip to relax the way we want to relax.

Rory has been to the beach before once, but it was February, so too cold to get in.  I can't wait to see her in the ocean!

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  1. Yeah for Delaware beaches! I'm so glad you all are going to get this fun time, Schmilly. The DE beaches are beautiful.