Monday, August 27, 2012

Humbled and Overwhelmed

This week we are on a family retreat of sorts, given as a gift, and I must say, it is humbling. We arrived yesterday and met two amazing women, Jeanine (the organization founder) and her sister, Kristie.  Kristie showed us to our house, which they filled with breakfast food and snacks from a shopping list we had to send her.  And she said, "So if our run out of almond milk, you call me." Me: "Great, you can tell us where to get more.". Kristie: "no, you call me and I go GET you more.  That's my job this week.". Wow, this is slightly uncomfortable. Not sure I can get used to this.

Last night we met the other families, and though there isn't anyone Rory's age, everyone is very nice and I have no doubt she will be entertained.  The activities of the week include horseback riding, stand up paddle boarding, crafts, kayaking, game night, yoga, necklace making, facials, and maybe sailing.

I will post some photos when I can, but if you want to see what we are doing, the organization will post photos every day on their blog at

Love, Jill

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