Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Greatest beach quote EVER

Rory's first long stretch on the beach was full of fun, but also full of the realities of being on the beach... Salt water in her mouth, a wave that knocked her on her ass, and sand in her "naughty bits".

At the end of our time on the beach the first day, she told daddy she had a lot of sand in the, um... Lets say... Lowest point of gravity in her swimsuit.  Rory, laughing as she walked awkwardly: "It feels like a bean bag, Daddy!"

We went home, took showers, emptied her swimsuit of sand, and took naps.  That afternoon, I said, "Come on, Ro! There's enough time to get to the beach before dinner!" and my six-year-old responded in a snarky 14-year-old tone: "Yeah, enough time to get a bean bag in my vagina!"

When I shared that one with the staff of Little Pink at dinner, they requested she get a Twitter account.

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