Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Test Day Distraction

Today is the halfway mark for my planned six months of chemo, so it's CT Scan Party Day!  Tomorrow we talk with the doc about results.  A week ago, I was feeling very confident heading into the test, thinking "I'll show them!  They'll be AMAZED at how well I'm kicking this!"  Imagine the scene from A Christmas Story when Ralphie imagines the reaction his teacher will have to his theme about wanting a BB Gun.

This last few days, I've not felt as confident since I've not been feeling 100% with the mono (though I've felt remarkably good for dealing with cancer and mono at the same time!).  These are times I question every gurgle and twinge in my body, imagining it's things getting worse.  Then (and here I'm going to let you in more than you probably want on the crazy of my brain) I think to myself "What are you DOING??  Thoughts can create reality!  Stop it!  oh wait... how long have I been thinking this in the back of my mind before it made it to the front?  What if I've been-" and that's when I get distracted by something else, in typical Jill fashion, like some classic 80s song on the radio.

So, for today, here is my theme song...  :)

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