Saturday, June 2, 2012


Wednesday and Thursday I had two rough nights of sleep for no particular reason.  By Friday morning, I was exhausted.  I went to work for two hours before calling it a day and heading home to nap.  As the afternoon went on I felt worse and by dinner a fever kicked in.  And of course, in Chemo Land, a fever means a trip to the ER to get checked out.

They did tons of blood tests and the first piece of good news was that my white blood cells were way up! At first all blood tests came back looking really good.  So tell me...

What 40 year old married woman gets MONO??

Yep, mono.  At first I wondered how in the heck I could have gotten mono, but then I have to remember that with all my time in doctor's offices, I spend more time than the average bear in places where there are some very sick people.  And did I mention that I like to lick them?  Who gets mono at 40?!

So, all plans this weekend are canceled and I plan to lay on the couch most of the time.  You just have to ride out mono.  Fatigue can last 4-7 weeks, but I have been feeling tired a week or two already, which I had been chalking up to Hectic Cancer Life and Hectic Real Life.  Looks like my body is demanding more rest than I was already giving it.

Anybody have a good book to recommend??


  1. Ok, I'm no doctor, but I would suggest NOT licking the other patients any more! Hope you are feeling real soon! xoxo, the wolfepack

  2. Oh, Schmilly, I just had to shake my head and smile ruefully for you. I'm sorry you've got mono, but I'm thankful you get to rest and be surrounded by people who love you.