Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who peed in my cheerios?

Did you ever hear that phrase when you have a dark look on your face... "Who peed in your cheerios??"

Well, that was the look on my face yesterday when I went from treatment and was DENIED.  Before each treatment they do blood work to make sure you are healthy enough for another round.  I feel fine, but apparently my white blood cell levels  were too low to get treatment.  My treatment will be postponed one week to give the numbers time to recover.  After my treatment next week, they will give me a shot of Neulasta, which helps to rebound everything produced in my blood system by my bone marrow.  Four years ago I received a shot of Neulasta after every treatment.  In fact, for a little entertainment about Jason having to give me the shot four years ago, check out this old post.

So, now my every-other-week treatment has changed to the opposite weeks.  That means that this morning I am rescheduling everything in our world back a week basically, and hoping that next week my cheerios are back to normal.

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  1. Boo hiss! Sorry for the delay AND the mass rescheduling...Love you! Aimee