Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Superhero, Super Day

A note on videos... if you click on "YouTube" under the video screen you can watch the video on YouTube, which gives you a bigger screen.

It's been a super day.  At treatment today we found out that my response to the treatment has been great!  My liver enzymes are all basically back to normal and the doctor just couldn't say enough how stunning my response to the chemo has been.  In fact, my response has been so good that he wants us to have a conversation with another doctor about a possible different type of chemo treatment that is stronger and might give me an even better response.  We have no idea if I'm a candidate for this other treatment but are willing to go talk with the doc.  Even if I'm not a candidate, we are really happy that my doctor is thinking outside the box looking for solutions.

Laughter is always the best medicine, so please enjoy the outtakes below!  As you can tell, we certainly had fun with them.

Big hugs and love to everyone,



  1. Hilarious. I heart Super Jill.

  2. Crazy Super Jill and Joker Jason will conquer all!!! -Carol