Thursday, April 19, 2012

Help Me Get Creative!

For those of you in STL, you know what a HUGE deal the Komen Race for the Cure is!  The last couple of years there have been something like 60,000-70,000 participants!  That is one huge sea of pink!  

And this year, there will be a team with my name on it.  Well, not literally.  And that is where I need your help!

Please post comments below with your idea for a team name!  I don't really want my personal name in the team name, unless you use the word "Lusty".  

I do, however, have the t-shirt logo in my head already.  Ready for it?  
"This time, we're SERIOUS!"

Mark your calendars for June 23 and come join us!  More info will come soon about the team name and how to register to be on our team.  

Now, get creative, people!  We need a name!


  1. Here are a couple of fun ideas:

    Sole Sisters OR Sole Mates
    Save 2nd Base (cute shirts out there already for this one, but a lot of other teams with this name too)
    Udder Determination
    Mardi Bras
    Passionately Pink
    Pedicure OR Ped-i-cure OR Ped-a-cure
    CUREiously Strong Woman

    That's a few to start...I'll keep thinking!

  2. In honor of your courageous little mouse, Archie, I think "Archie's Crusaders" or "Archie's Army" would be quite appropriate!!

    or how about...Jillterminators!!!

    Love you,

  3. JUST BEE.
    The theme would be “Just Bee” and each person could wear a different message:

    Bee Strong.
    Bee Courageous.
    Bee Healthy.
    Bee Present.
    Bee a Friend.
    Bee Purposeful.
    Bee Determined.
    Bee a Fighter.
    Bee Happy.
    Bee Passionate.
    Bee YOU.

    we could think of so many others)

    The concept is inspired by you: a very courageous woman and doesn’t let cancer take over her. You “BE PRESENT” with your family, friends, and colleagues. You “BE STRONG”, not only for yourself, but for all of us. You “BE HEALTHY” and are making great healthy choices. You are a fighter, purposeful with your life, and you are such a great friend.

    The concept of “JUST BEE” reminds not only us, but all other cancer survivors and those people touched by cancer to be inspired to take hold of life. Cancer is scary, so hard, and life changing. We all need reminders to “BEE HAPPY”, “BEE STRONG”, “BEE YOU”, etc.

    Your team name could touch the hearts of others just by “BEE-ing” messages that they see as we walk by. As well as messages that our donors read on our fundraising pages. They will be friendly reminders of what is important in life. As well as friendly inspirations for you and your supporters.

    You of course would be our Queen Bee. We are all of your worker bees doing everything we can to help you fight off the enemy, provide you nutrients, make honey (yummy meals, etc.), pollenate (spread) awareness of preventative care, and support you through it all.

    Of course, this means we could also have costumes and accessories, if we so choose to. (Bee wings for everyone!) I see Rory getting very creative!

    A few fun facts about Bees:
    Bees feed to nectar and pollen, both natural and healthy food sources.

    “Despite the honey bee's painful sting and the stereotype of insects as pests, bees are generally held in high regard. This is most likely due to their usefulness as pollinators and as producers of honey, their social nature, and their reputation for diligence.” (Taken from

    Jill, you are held in the HIGHEST regard. You spread (pollenate) great cheer, laughter, insight, strength, awareness, and so much more. You are definitely SOCIAL and you have a reputation for being diligent with all that you do. You are our QUEEN BEE and I know we are all happy to be your workers to help you kick this cancer’s butt. And yes, this time…we are SERIOUS!

    Another definition for bee: a community social gathering in order to perform some task, engage in a contest, etc.: a sewing bee; a spelling bee; a husking bee. ( We are a community coming together to perform a simple task: support you, get you healthy, spread awareness, and to help find a cure.


    Okay, clearly I’ve gotten a little excited by this concept. The possibilities are endless with it. Think it over and let me know if I can help.

    Lots of love to you, Jason, and Rory.