Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Archie, My New Mouse

Did I mention that I have my very own mouse??  Those of you who have a bit of a science geek side to your personality (like me) will love this!

As part of the liver biopsy process, I allowed them to take one extra sample for research. They are going to take the tiny piece of cancerous tissue from my liver, and put it in a mouse!  They hope he will then get cancer just like mine.  If he does, they will then try different therapies on him to see what works.  Usually this benefits people in the future, not the actual patient the sample came from, but sometimes something works so well in the mouse that they come right back to talk about using it on the patient.

So, to encourage the mouse to do me some good, we've named him Archie.  Just seemed like a good mouse name.  If I hear any updates about how Archie is doing, I will let you know.  Isn't science cool??

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