Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fork Warning

I love my husband. I really do.

He has been so diligent about researching nutrition and cancer. He searches vegan cooking blogs. He buys cookbooks. He does all of the cooking (and dishes!) in our home. He shops for healthy, organic foods. 

Sometimes, though, he goes too far. He gets a little pushy about eating all the broccoli on my plate, which my mom and dad can tell you has never been my strong suit. (I can't imagine how many glasses of milk I ruined as a kid by spitting barely-chewed broccoli into the glass who trying to chase it down.) He offers me a cup of green tea just a few too many times after I say "No thanks." He reminds me to drink enough water, and suggests I eat just a few more edamame because they are so good for me.

When I've had enough and he's pushing too hard, the new code word is "fork". Why? Because at dinner recently I threatened to stab his hand with my fork if he pointed at one more thing on my plate that he thought I should eat.

 I love my husband. I really do.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And the good news just keeps coming!

I'm coming to you live from Siteman's today, from Pod 5, or as I call it "The Party Pod"! Jason is off getting lunch for both of us and I'm just waiting for the party to begin. We saw the doc today already and the good, no GREAT news, is that my liver numbers are looking good! They check 3 liver enzymes each time I come. One is completely back to normal and the other two are just slightly above normal. We did a little dance when we heard that. I'm off to have some lunch but promise some more posts later today since I will still be here for a couple of hours.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Help Me Get Creative!

For those of you in STL, you know what a HUGE deal the Komen Race for the Cure is!  The last couple of years there have been something like 60,000-70,000 participants!  That is one huge sea of pink!  

And this year, there will be a team with my name on it.  Well, not literally.  And that is where I need your help!

Please post comments below with your idea for a team name!  I don't really want my personal name in the team name, unless you use the word "Lusty".  

I do, however, have the t-shirt logo in my head already.  Ready for it?  
"This time, we're SERIOUS!"

Mark your calendars for June 23 and come join us!  More info will come soon about the team name and how to register to be on our team.  

Now, get creative, people!  We need a name!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Archie, My New Mouse

Did I mention that I have my very own mouse??  Those of you who have a bit of a science geek side to your personality (like me) will love this!

As part of the liver biopsy process, I allowed them to take one extra sample for research. They are going to take the tiny piece of cancerous tissue from my liver, and put it in a mouse!  They hope he will then get cancer just like mine.  If he does, they will then try different therapies on him to see what works.  Usually this benefits people in the future, not the actual patient the sample came from, but sometimes something works so well in the mouse that they come right back to talk about using it on the patient.

So, to encourage the mouse to do me some good, we've named him Archie.  Just seemed like a good mouse name.  If I hear any updates about how Archie is doing, I will let you know.  Isn't science cool??