Thursday, March 29, 2012

Treatment Two

Yesterday I had my second chemo treatment and all is good and well.  My liver enzymes, which have just been climbing and climbing for weeks, seem to have stabilized somewhat after one treatment, which is very good.  My other labs all came back looking very very good for someone in chemo.  I felt completely normal the rest of the day and am feeling good so far today.  Two weeks ago I was exhausted for a few days, so I don't know if that will happen this time or not.

Here's what treatment looks like:
10:15am     Labs.  Have blood drawn to be sure I'm healthy enough for treatment.

11:00am     Meet with my doc.  They review how I'm feeling and my lab results.

12:00am     Go to treatment room.  They hook up my IV in my port, then I wait while three separate drugs        
go through it, one at a time.  Two are chemo drugs and one is a bone strengthener.  Each one takes 20-30 minutes along with lots of wait time, so we're there about 2 or 2 1/2 hours.  Jason brings me lunch, we hang out, etc.

The chemo rooms (or "pods" as they call them) have recliners for 6 people at a time to get treatment.  Usually I am the youngest one by far.  Yesterday, not the case.  Across from me was a 19 year old named Zach who had heart surgery last month for cancer that's in his heart and lungs.  Next to him was a 22 year old who has been at this for 3 years.  I started chatting with Zach's dad when he looked over at me and asked "I see you are getting chemo.  Why are you so cheery?  Are you just always this way?"  I explained that yes, part of it was my disposition and part of it was just my choice to focus on right now, always.  That's all I can control.  Plus, it's easy to be perky when you feel good!  It was good to talk with them, though, and see Zach laughing.  They said he's on the brink of feeling back to normal after his surgery, so he's on the mend hopefully.  When at treatment, Jason and I both always have a moment where we reflect back to the guy we met at my first chemo, who showed such a great attitude.  (read that post here).

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