Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Once Just Wasn't Enough...

This is the email I sent out to many family and friends on March 7.

Hi everyone,

Sorry to share this via email, but honestly, it's just efficient, and I know many of you have been waiting for details.  For those who hadn't yet heard, last month I saw my oncologist for my regular check-up, and they found that my liver enzymes were elevated.  We've done a number of tests and today we saw the oncologist.  The good news two-fold:
1)       We have a plan, and
2)      I get to keep my hair this time!
 Unfortunately, my breast cancer has returned and it is in my liver and possibly in my spine.  It's aggressive, but I will begin chemotherapy next Wednesday and will be doing chemo every two weeks for probably six months.  Luckily, this chemo won’t have nearly the side effects of the first time, so will be hopefully very easily tolerated. They say that the more aggressive cancers typically respond the best and quickest to the chemo.  

Tomorrow I will have a bone scan and Friday is my liver biopsy.

To be honest, it's not good news, but we will just do what they tell us to do day by day and hope for the best.  The doc says he has a number of patients in my situation and on this same chemo regimen who have been healthy for years and are running marathons.  We are feeling very positive at our house.  Thanks for all your prayers … just keep ‘em coming!

We have a great doctor who is on the cutting edge of research, so we are in good hands.  If you find I've left anyone off this email, please feel free to forward it.  And, I will be starting to post on my previous blog again with updates, so you can always check for updates.  

Also, Rory does know the basics.  She knows my breast cancer has returned and that I'll be going to the doctor for medicine.  We've been very matter-of-fact with her, so we appreciate your help in being positive and light around her if you are here in STL.  

Love you all!

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