Friday, October 15, 2010

Cancer Etiquette has been running a series this week on breast cancer from the perspective of someone dealing with it.  It's been a good series.  Today's piece, in particular, seemed share-worthy.  I also made a comment in the "comments" section afterward (about 20 comments down), so thought I'd post the whole thing. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cancer Etiquette

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Army of Women

Invite a Friend - Army of Women


Army of Women is an organization that hosts information about breast cancer research projects going on all over the country. You do NOT need to be a survivor for some of these studies; many studies need participation from people who haven't had cancer. PLEASE take a look at this site, and help do your part to support cancer research. Some of the studies are particular to a region of the country... PASS IT ON to someone you know in that area (Lynn, read the one for survivors in Indy).

There are many events where you are asked for your dollars. This is asking for your time, your participation, and/or your blood sample!

Please help to create an ARMY OF WOMEN, all armed and fighting cancer.