Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost There

Almost there.

I'm tired. There's just a lot going on, fitting cancer into your life. The holidays are still coming, work is still happening every day, Rory still needs attention. I thought that as I got to the end of my treatment I would be ecstatic, energetic, and jumping up and down. Instead, to be honest, I'm just tired. It's one more thing off my to do list for this week. I'm sure that once I get back to work after the holiday (we're taking a few days to head to my parents' house) and realize that I don't have to go for treatment, as has been my daily schedule for seven weeks, I'll absorb the fact that I'm really done a bit more. Even tomorrow I might get giddy as I walk out. But today, I have a cold that might be bronchitis, a long To Do list at work, and Christmas Eve is two days away. I'd be exhausted even without the whole treatment schedule, I believe.

p.s. Here's my hair. :) All mine.

1 comment:

  1. Work that hair girl - work it! I tell you the truth..... any doo looks good on you!