Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a big day

I have a list of blog posts to write, but haven't found much time lately.  However, I couldn't let this morning pass without writing a quick note about today, as it is a big day!  At 12:30 I start my LAST chemo treatment!!!  Yay!  6 of 6!  It's great to get the last one done, but in some ways today is not the day to celebrate, as it's like celebrating the last ass-kicking before it starts.  Give me about two weeks, until I'm feeling great again, then it's time to celebrate.  Though it will be nice to walk out of the chemo pod today and know I will not have to walk in again (knock on wood, or "Poo poo poo" as my mother-in-law says).  Soon I will write a post about the treatments themselves, show what they are like, etc. 

This is also the time for a big public sentimental moment of appreciation for Jason, who goes to every treatment with me, holds my hand and distracts me when they put in the IV (sometimes more than once), brings me snacks, carries my purse, and tells the nurses when to leave me alone if it's getting overwhelming.  Plus, he actually tries to help me with the crossword puzzles that come in the "Packet of Fun" the cancer center provides for entertainment. 

Also, surgery has been set for October 9, but I'll write more about that later.

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  1. Schmill,
    That is incredibly exciting to have that stage of treatment behind you. Hope you get the chance to do something fun to celebrate. You are wonderful!