Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clear as a Bell

Just a quick note to let you all know that I'm doing much better.  Monday was rough, but I went to bed early and woke up Tuesday morning clear as a bell again.  Completely back to normal (insert your own joke here).  I think we were all a little surprised by Monday, but now that we know it can happen, we know how to handle it.  Thanks for all the notes, encouragement, support, and reminders of things I said or did on Monday (kidding!). 


  1. GLAD to hear your doing much better.
    I sent prayers your way!
    Love Cousin Cathy

  2. Hi Jill *waving*... sorry I haven't been around much; but to borrow your friend Ginnie's phrase, it hasn't been "skittles and rainbows" lately. But I'm back and putting on my cheerleader uniform (hmmm, I think it shrunk).

    Jill's laughing now, she knows I had absolutely NO chance of ever being a cheerleader!

    All joking aside, we love you and support you - through good and not so good.

    Love you,