Monday, July 7, 2008

The Cost of Treatment

I've heard before that one of the major causes of people declaring bankruptcy is medical bills.  I am extremely blessed to have insurance, VERY good insurance, but thought I'd share with you some of the sobering details of what treatment costs, because it's astounding. 

For the month of May (May 3-28), my insurance was billed $45,825.  This was ONE MONTH.  It included the first internist appt where I showed him the lump under my arm, testing, seeing several specialists,  outpatient surgery to remove the two lymph nodes (3 hours at the hospital), diagnosis, and my first chemo treatment.  It did NOT include my full surgery yet to come, the remaining five chemo treatments, and all radiation treatments yet to come (30 of them). 

A few line items:
One chemo treatment:  $5,644
ONE Neulasta shot (Jason gives me one after each treatment):  $6,047
Outpatient surgery total (again, I was home by 11am):  $17,042

It is overwhelming to think about how people deal with this who don't have good insurance, or God forbid, insurance at all.  I am thankful every day for my station in life and the fact that this whole situation, as big as it is, is not a financial burden for us.  I can't imagine the choices people have to make if the financial implications are part of their medical treatment decision-making process. 

Here is an article Jason found about the costs of certain cancer drugs (nothing I'm taking).  Interesting reading.


  1. Thanks for sharing the specifics on cost, Schmilly. It really is so astounding.

    I've been thinking about the amazing timing of your life in the last couple months. I don't know all the ins and outs, but, I am so grateful that you all had made your move, so you could be close to supportive family, and I am so glad you had a new job started and that your new insurance started.

    As awful, life-changing as this whole thing must be for you, the timing seems (from my limited perspective) to be pretty good.

    Not sure where God fits into your vision of life, but I'd say all that good karma you've put out into the universe is coming back to you in many ways.

    So many people love you, Schmilly. Me included!


  2. Hello! I love your blog! My mom is half way through her chemo treatments for breast cancer and she is doing really well.

    She has no ins and belive it or not I called all the Drug companies and got them for free!!